AalokTronix can help local electronics manufacturers and innovators like you to develop new products, schematic capture, PCB designs and production by using latest SMT and TH technologies. We can produce a high-quality product in less time to meet your quality and schedule requirements. Due to COVID-19, ATI follows all the CDC guidelines to keep our employees, facilities, and customer’s product safe and virus free. If you are looking for a local manufacturer for your PCBA order, AalokTronix has all you need. We understand your offshore manufacturing related worries like geographical distance, changing governmental regulations, high taxes, tariffs, insurance, and shipping issues, and fully sympathetic to it. That’s why we are here for your local manufacturing needs.

With ATI team’s years of experience in electronics manufacturing, we know the importance of new product introduction and Prototype. We provide frequent production status, make expert team of design and manufacturing engineers available to help the customer track product’s real time progress.  AalokTronix encourages on-site visits, providing peace of mind.

Component Procurement Resources

PCB assembly’s critical step is to find the best sources for component purchasing at affordable price.  ATI has a supply chain management system and component procurement experts who help your team find the right parts from best component suppliers in the industry, ATI offers budget-friendly cost, quick availability, and best quality components for your new PCBA project.

Flexible Manufacturing Capacity

AalokTronix has developed low-volume high-mix production capacity in its Seattle-based manufacturing plant, which gives an advantage to its small and local electronics innovators for the PCB assembly project. By choosing ATI, they can benefit from our flexible manufacturing capacity, including a wide variety of PCB Assembly types and high-end Technology. This flexibility with our experienced engineering can help new and established organizations build or refine their PCBA process.

Experienced NPI and Prototyping

If you are developing a new product, CM like AalokTronix is the best choice as your manufacturing and PCBA partner. ATI's Technology and expert team have flexibility and experience needed for a quick turn, Prototype, and PCB Assembly. AalokTronix has a dedicated process and facility for Prototypes to deliver the quick and highest level of a quality product.

Mechanical Development and Product Testing

We know that when you go thru NPI or Prototype, there is always more needs pop up. PCB design and assembly are not everything. Mechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assembly, box build etc have to be done appropriately to complete the Prototype. This is a complicated process for electronics innovators, especially when they coordinate with multiple vendors. AalokTronix is not limited to PCB Assembly only; we can help you through Mechanical design improvement, product testing, or any other PCB Consultancy. By adding our expertise to your project, small and big companies like yours can be rest assured that entire process goes smooth and runs on time with fewer headaches.

Contact us or share your project now with our experts to learn more about your future achievements.