Prototype and Turnkey PCB Assembly at Aaloktronix

Aaloktronix provides printed circuit board assembly services like turnkey solutions and Prototypes for PCB assembly for SMT and TH under one roof. Our expertise in designing, prototyping, and testing gives us an advantage over the competition. We have worked with small startups to large enterprises in Washington since 2010, and we have helped them save time, money, and energy by using our expertise in small to large-scale PCBA contract manufacturing. From years of experience, we have achieved expertise in fast-turn printed circuit board assembly.

prototype pcb assembly

Our Speciality in Prototype and Turnkey PCB Assembly

At Aaloktronix, we specialize in providing Quick lead time turnkey PCB assembly service in Seattle and all over the USA. We have a highly skilled team of professionals who utilize the latest equipment and technology to ensure that each printed circuit board is assembled to the highest standards. Our prototype PCB assembly services allow our clients to quickly and efficiently test new product designs, while our turnkey PCB assembly services provide a complete solution for large-scale production runs. As a leading fast turn PCB assembly company, we offer modern turnkey and prototype printed circuit board assembly; thus, we believe in giving you complete peace of mind. We are ready to help you start a new project at any point of time. Our specialty includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Quick-turn Prototype Assembly
  • Full Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • Consignment PCB Assembly
  • PCB and PCBA Prototypes
  • Leadfree and RoHS-compliant Assembly
  • Non-RoHS Assembly (Leaded)
  • Fast-turn PCB Board
  • Fast-turn PCB Production
  • Fast-turn PCB Prototype
  • Fast turn PCB Assembly

Turnkey and Prototype PCB Assembly Capabilities

Why Aaloktronix For Prototype PCBA

Choosing Aaloktronix as your prototype PCBA partner offers distinct advantages. With local manufacturing, you benefit from shorter lead times, improved communication, and better quality control. It fosters collaboration, accelerates innovation, and supports the American economy.

  • Reduced lead times for faster product development.

  • Enhanced communication with local teams for real-time updates.

  • Rigorous quality control to ensure top-notch prototypes.

  • Facilitates collaboration with engineers and designers.

  • Supports the growth of the domestic manufacturing industry.

  • Accelerates innovation and time-to-market for your PCBAs.


In Turnkey Assembly, the vendor handles all aspects of PCB solutions like components procuring, PCB manufacturing, and placing components in specific locations as per your custom PCB requirements.

Generally Quick Turn Prototype PCB Assembly refers to a fast prototype PCB assembly used to test the function of electronic designs which helps with quality assurance, finding bugs, and updating the design. This helps in verifying that the final product doesn’t have any problems.

Yes. In partial Turnkey, you can take benefit of this service. ATI also helps to find components to their customers by using their supply chain and network.

As we need to source all the parts, stencil and other require material for Turnkey orders, the turn time mainly depends on how quickly we get all the parts from the distributors and ATI will updates their customers through everyday email and phone call communications.

Turnkey PCB Assembly will undergo the following steps:

  • Components Sourcing
  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • Testing and Quality Check
  • Shipping

Yes, as an experienced PCBA service provider, we can develop and assemble customized prototype PCB projects.