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ATI is the best Low-Cost PCB Assembly Services provider in Seattle, Washington. We also offer quick-turn PCB design, prototype and production assembly to companies in the USA. Aaloktronix has the experience and expertise to ensure that your custom electronics assembly project is completed on time, reliably, and at a competitive price.

Our Speciality in PCB Assembly

As an experienced PCB Assembly service provider, we take pride in offering the highest quality of service to our customers.


IP Protected Service

Protect your intellectual property with Aaloktronix, a fully USA-based fabrication and assembly provider. Your IP is protected and we’ll work closely with you to make sure it’s done right. Connect with us today!


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Get a quick online quote on our website and get your PCBs assembled in a matter of days. We are experts in PCB assembly and have the experience to get it done right. Order your next batch of circuit boards with us today.


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From the start of your design to the end of your production, we’re here for you. With the industry’s best 24/7 on-demand support for every order, we’ll be there to help you through anything. We solve your problems in few moments.

How do We provide PCB Assembly at the Low Cost?

We provide PCB assembly service at a low cost. We are able to do this because we have a team of experts who are experienced in this field and able to work under tight deadlines. Our clients can rest assured that their products will be produced on time. They can also be assured that their orders will be delivered on time as well.

We offer low-cost PCB Assembly in Seattle and throughout the USA at the lowest price possible. We have assembled thousands of PCBs to the day. Many companies offer PCB assembly services, but what makes Aaloktronix different?

  • First, our process uses open-source technology, which means we can get you the most efficient results with minimal downtime.

  • Second, we use only high-quality components that are built to last.

  • Finally, we provide 24/7 customer service to ensure that you have the best experience possible!

PCB Assembly FAQs

A PCB is a Printed Circuit Board that is used to hold electronic components. PCB can be used in many different industries from cars to computers to control systems.

No, any PCB assembly orders don’t require any minimum quantity.

We are providing PCB assembly services to various industries in the USA for 30 years.

We are using various techniques for PCB assembly and manufacturing including state-of-art technique, surface mount technique (SMT), and plated through hole technique (PTH).

We are providing various PCB Assembly capabilities like SMT and through-hole, double-sided SMT assembly, minor PCB repair, and cable and harness assembly.

FR4 is one of the best and most popular PCB materials.

Yes, we are offering 100% RoHS-compliant assembly.