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As a leading PCB assembly service provider in Seattle, Washington and the USA, Aaloktronix believes in quality and performance. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers, from prototype assembly to full-scale production runs.

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians can help you with every step of the PCB assembly process, from design and layout to testing and quality assurance.

There are many printed circuit board assembly companies located in Washington, but when looking for low cost PCB assembly services, count on Aaloktronix.

PCB Assembly in Washington

Why Aaloktronix ??

As an experienced PCB Assembly Company in the USA, we take pride in offering the highest quality of printed circuit board assembly services to our customers.

Pcb assembly services

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Protect your intellectual data with Aaloktronix, a fully USA-based PCBA and service provider company. Your information is protected and we’ll work closely with you to make sure it’s done right. Connect with us today!

Pcb assembly services

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Get a quick online quote on our website and get your PCBs assembled in a matter of days. We are experts in PCB assembly and other related services. Get a quote for your next batch of PCBA with us today.

Pcb assembly services

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From the start of your design to the end of your production, we’re here for you. With 30+ years of experience in the PCBA industry, our skilled staff is ready to help you with any of your PCBA-related issues.

Our Speciality in PCB Production

High Quality

  • High-Quality of Raw Materials
  • Industry Leading PCBA Technology
  • Engineers with 30+ Years of Experience

Quick Turnaround

  • Quick Online Quotes for Estimation
  • Quick Response on Query
  • Expedited Project Delivery

Low Cost

  • Competitive Pricing for PCBA
  • Higher the Quantity, Lower the Price
  • Free and Quick RFQ for PCBA project

QA and Testing

  • Automated and Manual Quality Check
  • PCBA Functional Testing
  • Programming and Software

Our Services

1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

Surface mount technology (SMT) is a type of PCB assembly that involves soldering components directly to the surface of the board, rather than through holes in the board. This technique allows for smaller, more compact designs and faster assembly times.

At Aaloktronix, we use state-of-the-art SMT equipment to ensure the accurate placement of components and consistent, high-quality assembly.

2. Through-Hole (TH) Assembly

Through-hole (TH) assembly is a type of PCB assembly that involves mounting components into holes in the board and then soldering them in place. This technique is commonly used for larger, heavier components that require additional support.

Our TH component prepping machines and Wave solder machine are highly accurate to meet industry standards.

3. Mixed Technology Assembly

Mixed technology assembly involves combining both SMT and TH assembly techniques on the same PCB. This approach allows for greater flexibility in design and component selection.

Our team is experienced in mixed technology assembly and can help you choose the best approach for your specific needs.

4. Wire Cable Harness Assembly

Experience seamless integration with our Wire Cable Harness Assembly services. Our solutions extend to comprehensive wire and cable harness integration, ensuring precision, reliability, and efficient connectivity for your electronic systems.

Benefit from our expertise in delivering top-tier assembly solutions that meet the demands of various industries.

PCB Assembly FAQs

A PCB is a Printed Circuit Board that is used to hold electronic components. PCB can be used in many different industries from cars to computers to control systems.

No, any PCB assembly orders don’t require any minimum quantity.

We are providing printed circuit board assembly services to various industries in the USA for 30 years.

We are using various techniques like state-of-art technique, surface mount technique (SMT), and plated through hole technique (PTH).

We are providing various PCB capabilities like SMT and through-hole, double-sided SMT assembly, minor PCB repair, and cable and harness assembly.

FR4 is one of the best and most popular PCB materials.

Yes, we are offering 100% RoHS-compliant assembly.

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