Aaloktronix provides a visible process of our production. Our skilled production team, work with customers throughout the manufacturing process to give detailed information about their orders. The following steps take place once the customer place order at ATI.

Order Confirmation

Once your account manager places an order, we will receive order information at our USA location.  This order confirmation step includes sharing necessary documents including BOM, Gerber files, Schematics, and other production-related files. Our production team will guide you to place your order and to smoothen this process. Contact us at sales@aaloktronix.com to know more details about how to place an order or about our services.

PCBA Process chart

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Check

After you place an order, our engineers start doing the DFM check. During this DFM check, our team of engineers reviews the PCB layouts and documents you have shared, which help us to resolve any printed circuit board assembly related issues. These steps allow our engineers to resolve any assembly related issues and helps our production team to prepare all the equipment according to the project requirements. Our project coordinator contacts you to resolve any issues before we move to the next steps.

BOM scrubbing and Parts Procurement

Once we complete the DFM check by resolving outstanding and design-related issues, the order goes for BOM scrubbing. ATI’s purchase management team at our Seattle (WA) location start scrubbing Bill of material to make sure that all the parts are covered as per DFM check. During this BOM scrubbing process, we check that our PCBA machines are eligible to run all the parts for your project. After that, we start ordering all the parts from our approved vendor list so that we can have all the best quality parts on time.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Maintain the high-quality standards is our priority. ATI understands the value of your project and each product. Electrical Inspection and testing are mandatory to achieve your goals. First Article inspection gives us results related to any missing components, machine programming issues, short circuits, etc. To run this test, ATI uses high-tech machinery like X-ray for BGA tests, 3D-AOI, and Functional testing.

Final Assembly

After FAI, we will send our results to get approval for the final run. During this Assembly production process, our clients can stay in touch with the project manager to get information regarding their projects. In these steps, we use AOI and manual quality check inspection for each board to make sure that you get desired results.

Box build or Board test

In addition to our production process, ATI provides Box build and cable/harness assembly to its clients. Contact us to get more details about this feature and RFQ. Our experts’ team is capable to do board tests for your project which allows you to reduce your stress and give us a chance to do modification in the product before we do the final shipment.


Once our engineers and Quality check team approves your products, we will send you results for your final approval. After your approval, ATI will start packing and shipping your order using any shipments facility as per your convenience. We are capable of managing international Import and export of our client’s product.

ATI follows the industry standards to run electronic manufacturing projects. We are known for our best customer supports and high-quality standards. Its only possible by our high-tech assembly plant in the USA and experienced team. Please visit us on our website or contact us using Email or Phone for your First project with ATI.