As the name suggests, quick turn PCBs are created with the intention of a quick turnaround. They are manufactured with a faster production time than conventional PCBs, which makes them ideal for prototypes and small-scale production runs. The process of quick turn PCB fabrication also known as fast turn PCB fabrication is similar to that of traditional PCBs, however the manufacturing process is streamlined and accelerated to meet the shorter timeframe.

When comes to fast-turn circuit board manufacturing, it involves the entire process of fabrication and assembly of printed circuit boards quickly. This is the reason why it’s referred to as a ‘quick turn’. You will come across many electronic manufacturers who use this method most frequently mainly because it ensures quality-based end products and is also highly time efficient.

The fast-growing demand for electronic devices and various related appliances brought huge competition in the market and necessitates a large mass of production. And this is the reason why quick-turn PCB assembly created a stir among fast turn printed circuit board manufacturers and helped them stay up in this curve. As mentioned, quick turn helps manufacturers keep up with both quality and quantity.

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Benefits of Choosing Quick Turn PCB Assembly

There are plenty of reasons why manufacturers choose quick-turn assembly in today’s time. Take a look at some of them.

  • It saves time that the manufacturer takes, especially for the end-to-end assembly process.

  • There are numerous quick-turn PCB assemblies developed with the use of flexible boards that can make bendable, compact, small, and also fully resistant to vibration, and also harsh environments among different physical parameters.

  • PCB Quick turn also brings the possibility for prototyping and makes the process of prototype manufacturing quick. So, it also helps manufacturers witness improvements in their time-to-time market capabilities.

  • Prototype works well in fixing and also identifying defects in the early stages. In addition, it also improves the scope of adding more features and also boosts the efficiency and performance of both.

  • If any company works with the DFM approach for design, it minimizes both assembly and manufacturing delays.

  • PCB Quick turn is also helpful in OEMs for optimizing the time-to-market capabilities for end products and also fulfilling the commitment of time promised to clients.

  • It is also highly durable and has more strength, heat dissipation, and also the capability of improving airflow.

Quick Turn PCB Fabrication and Various Related Steps

Well, quick turn PCB fabrication is a crucial process that involves the transformation of a circuit board design into a particular physical structure, which is according to specifications provided with the design package. In other words, it’s the process of creating bare boards that work as a foundation for printed circuit board assembly.

All you need to do is to make a selection of PCB fabrication contractors with proper care. You need to be aware of the fact that even small errors tend to damage the entire board and render useless products. It’s really important for the design team and manufacturers should communicate properly to ensure things are working properly in fast turn PCB manufacturing

This kind of physical manifestation is performed with the help of various actions which are as follows.

  • Imaging a layout with the use of copper-clad laminates

  • Eliminating the excessive copper from inside layers

  • Developing PCB layer stack up through lamination board at a higher temperature

  • Use vias and hole pins for creating mounting holes

  • Plating via holes and pin holes

  • Create protective coating to solder or surface masking

  • Add a logo or other important types of marking on the surface

  • A finish can be added to various copper areas of surface

It’s certainly important to understand the entire process of quick turn PCB fab since the design that you select gets reverberated throughout the process of development and production of PCB and also in its operation.

How PCB Fabrication is Different from PCB Assembly Process

Quick Turn PCB Assembly Process
Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Process

Well, you should be aware of the fact that PCB fabrication and PCB assembly are parts of the process of manufacturing that quick turn PCB manufacturers use. As we already talked about, the fabrication of PCB is the process of converting the design of a circuit board into a real structure. As far as PCB assembly is concerned, it involves the process of placement of various components onto the board for making it fully functional. One can link PCB fabrication to different streets, paths, and also zoning of a city. PCB assembly is, however, an actual building that enables a printed circuit board to function.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing Process – An Overview

The process of quick turn pcb relates to sending PCB design to manufacturers who receive it in Gerber file format. This format is a de facto standard file format for PCB data transfer. It ensures the security and also effective communication of PCB data, which includes assembly and board formation.

Once the final PCB design is received by the manufacturer, the quick turn pcb factory team generally performs DFM (Design for Manufacturability) review on this. And also makes verification technical and also the material specification. They do it based on the design needs and also as per standard.

Once your file and order get approved, the company then sends a PCB quote and also the assembly and manufacturing process starts.

Prototyping is one of the important steps that involves testing the functionality of products in earlier stages of the overall process of fabrication. After this, pre-production bathes get formed for checking accuracy. After this, the higher volume of full production becomes possible in the shortest period.

Earlier, quick-turn PCB manufacturing was useful only for prototyping PCBs. Besides, it was also good for low-volume production. With the tremendously evolving electronics industry, quick-turn PCBs are now necessary for every crucial stage of developing products, from earlier concepts of design to move out to those of final products to market quickly.

Things to Look for in Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

You need to understand the importance of timing, when it comes to quick-turn PCB factories. However, speed is something that equally has importance. Apart from speed, quality is another thing that also has great importance for every phase of the manufacturing process, right from prototyping to mass production.

Final Words

Quick turn printed circuit boards not only made the fabrication and assembly of circuit boards quick but also made it time efficient. And thus it witnessed wide acceptance among electronic manufacturers. If you wish to avail yourself of the top advantages of quick turn PCB in the USA, you need to partner with a specialized PCB provider like Aaloktronix.